Est. 1963

Drakes Ridge
Rustic Nudist Retreat

9641 Drakes Ridge Rd Bennington, IN 47011-1960 812-427-3914


Drakes Ridge Rustic Nudist Retreat is an organization devoted to the freedom of the individual, a freedom limited to the rights of others.
Removal of clothing is both symbolic and practical in overcoming feelings of low self-esteem.
Members come from all walks of life and religious faiths and all age levels and ethnic backgrounds as well as persons of many shapes and sizes.
We do not choose to impose rules which would destroy our objectives.
The use of first names is customary to promote the friendliness we espouse. We respect the fact that some persons wish to keep their affiliation private.
We respect nature and ask that no wildlife, plant or animal, be destroyed or harassed.
We request everyone's efforts to keep the club grounds clean. We are a cooperative club and expect members to help. Please leave your pets at home.
We welcome children with their parents, as children make natural nudists.
We reserve the right to impose appropriate restrictions against alcohol. As a group the majority of us do not make a habit of drinking alcohol or smoking on the grounds or at our activities, and we would like to keep it that way. A conscientious attitude by those who do drink or smoke will prevent any problems.
Photography is only permitted among the members who know each other and have given their specific permission to be photographed.
We seek to maintain a wholesome family atmosphere. Innocent expressions of affection among family members and friends are commonplace, but overt sexual activity is not acceptable. Behavior which disrupts the harmony and tranquility of the club is not permitted.
The fundamental distinction between a summer resort and a nudist park is, that at the latter, clothing is not compulsory. Naturally if you desire membership, we anticipate that you want to remove your clothing when nature's circumstances are favorable. Nudity in the pool is required for everyone. As a newcomer you will have time to adjust to a new experience.
Drakes Ridge Rustic Nudist Retreat is a family oriented club affiliated with American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR Midwest, and The Naturist Society.