Dining at Drakes Ridge

Sitting down to eat together with our Drakes Ridge friends is one of our favorite activities. We don't currently serve food but are exploring ways to add that service. We do find the following ways to bring a meal together.

  • Pitch-in Meals
  • Cold Drinks, Ice, and Snacks in Concessions
  • Full Community Kitchen in Clubhouse
  • Kitchenettes in Cabin Rentals
  • Bring Your Own "Kitchen"
  • Restaraunts and Grocery 15 Minutes Away
  • Special Event Meals
  • Free Help Party Meals

*Pitch-in meals bring us all together and  is the easiest way to bring a meal together. Bring one entree, side, or dessert dish to serve 5-10 medium servings for each person in your party.

*Please see event calendar for Pitch-in themes, Special Event, and Help Party meal information.

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